Federation Drug of America

The American Drug Federation (Federation Drug of America) researches and creates a database of over the counter medicines such as vitamins and organic nutritional supplements for athletes, women, men, and children founded and headquartered in the US state of Virginia. It should be noted that all the shares in this collection are 100% private and owned by no government agency anywhere in the world.

American Drug Federation which is a subsets of American holding Group Company and in cooperation with the Global Standard Center Company, will be conducting research and gathering information on a variety of dietary supplements and vitamins all over the world. Due to the geographical conditions of the Ministry of the environment of each region the continent, with the help of highly sophisticated research staff, and in the near future it has attempted to formulate its products for that particular region.

In line with this, the achievements of the most accredited laboratories and universities will be maximized and in the R&D (Research and Development) section and also with relying on anticipated knowledge and investment, it looks forward to making great gains in the not too distant future.

It should be noted in this connection that the Federation has set up World Food Supplements and Over the counter  Association, In the future in the continental shelf of the world and in most member states it sets up the research centers and laboratories for the same areas and plans to create more employment centers in the future to establish products of each region.