Professional Development

With a global mindset, SRICA Institute was founded to help advance expert knowledge in the field of finance and improve and standardize accounting methods.

In this regard, in order to raise the level of knowledge of its members and linking them to universities, research institutes and major companies in the United States, SRICA established its Strategic Studies and Applied Research Center. Some of the responsibilities of the Center include systematic planning and coordination with universities and research centers to promote the Institute’s research and technical objectives. In this respect, each year, tens of targeted research seminars and scientific conferences are planned in SRICA’s research conferences calendar.

Following is a list of some of the titles of the seminars:

– GAAP IFRS (CPA), An Introduction to International Accounting methods and Their Differences.

– CPA, Pathological Analysis of Accounting Methods.

– International Financial Reporting Standards.

– Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers.

– Financial Management in the International Arena.

– An Introduction to Tax Laws in SRICA Member States.

– An Introduction to Customs Laws in SRICA Member States.

– An Introduction to US Tax Laws.

– An Introduction to European Union Tax Laws.

– An Introduction to International Financing Tools.

– Financial Statement Analysis.

– Risk management and Corporate Governance.

– Entrepreneurship Financing Specialized Seminar.

– Claims Management Training Seminar.

– An Introduction to Behavioral Financial Knowledge and Asset Management.

– Companies’ Stock Valuation.