Quality Policy at SRICA was determined

By pathologically analyzing a variety of existing finance and accounting methods, SRICA has attempted to design and implement an innovative research, training and standardization system.

Accordingly, the Institute has put a wide variety of seminars and scientific and research conferences in its annual calendar.

All these events are planned to be held for SRICA members from around the world in the United States. To achieve this, SRICA considers the following principles:
– Using modern educational systems for SRICA members in the United States.
– Benefiting from qualified researchers and experts in its scientific research programs.
– Benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of its qualified members from around the world in conducting research and studies.
– Holding continuous seminars in the united states and around the world and awarding relevant certificates.
– Holding short-term and long-term training courses for SRICA members in the United States.
– Timely responding to its members’ requests.
– Timely implementation of educational and research programs.
– Building trust and confidence on the quality of educational services offered to members.