Essay writing festival

” Recall 2020 International, Essay writing festival”
Strategic research Institute of Chartered Accountants of America with G.S.C Cooperation, F.D.A Cooperation and American, Holding Group hold up the International Essay writing in Management, Economic, and Finance fields.

Goals: Recognition expert researchers and Innovators for entirety in International financial and managerial projects and perform common research and scientific projects and holding yearly seminars and conventions.

Festival Rewards:
1-Appreciation table
2-Festival Icon Access to SRICA facilities for attending in short term and long term courses in the USA Partnership in international research and scientific project Select the talented and research fellow members in all trends as a superior research fellow of the year.

Festival Axes:

– Industrial Management

– Knowledge Management

– Business Administration and Finance Management

– Sustainable Development

– Insurance Management

– Management

– Tourism Management

– Productivity Management

– Public Administration

– Crisis Management

– Executive Management and Urban

– Management OF Technology and IT


– Industrial Accounting

– Government Accounting

– Auditing Accounting

– Auditing

– Social Accounting

– Accounting Systems

– Budget Accounting

– Tax Accounting

Financial Accounting (General):

– Economics

– Urban Economics

– Micro Economics

– Energy Economics

– Macro Economics

– Econometrics

– Economic Growth

– Economic Systems

– Economic Development

– Agricultural Economic

– Economic Planning

Primary Electronic:
Registration deadline: 01/12/2019 – 01/06/2020
Deadline for sending the articles: 01/10/2020

Format: Word (docx)
Font type: Tahoma
Font size: 12
The standard number of articles should not exceed 15 pages (all sections include index, abstract, original text, index, references and tables).
The standard for writing article is based on ISI.