Research and Training Micro-Goals

1- Pathological analysis and optimization of finance and accounting methods in the Member States.

2- Developing a new finance method with a common language.

3- Setting up a specialized finance and accounting forum.

4- Holding specialized seminars and conferences in the US, UK, and Canada.

5- Holding short-term and long-term training courses at the Institute (US).

6- Publishing online scientific, technical, news and educational journals and articles.

7- Organizing international specialized research and consultation working groups in the Member States.

8- Carrying out joint and scientific research projects with organizations, institutions, and universities at both international and regional levels.

9- Making continuous efforts to raise the level of knowledge of members.

10- Holding annual solemn appreciation ceremonies aimed at selecting the most talented researchers in different financial fields as researchers of the year.

Long-Term Goals (Macro-Goals)

1- Founding SRICA University in order to advance the influential and higher goals of the Institute.

2- Setting up regional offices in the Member States.