Trade and Business English Language (Elementary, Level A2)


With Business and Trade English Courseware (Elementary, Level A2), you learn how to introduce yourself, write a job application, prepare for an interview and have basic conversations about work and everyday life. %25 Discount for SRICA members “



By the end of this courseware, you’ll be able to:

– Introduce yourself

– Describe what you are good at.

– Ask about difficult words in English.

– Write a CV and fill in a job application form.

– Prepare for a job interview.

– Answer questions at a job interview.

We create the highest quality courseware curriculum possible, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed. We have technical support of our customers for one year.

If you require any questions on this courseware don’t hesitate to ask.

Registration deadline (Next term): 30 November 2019
Start the course: January 2020
Study me: Self-paced
Duration: Part-time
Version: English

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