SRICA’s strategies and visions are planned for a 20 years period. We are determined to spread beyond the borders of the United States through fundamental planning. With the implementation of all components of our plan, we are confident that SRICA will be recognized as one of the leading global centers for economic studies and professional standardization of finance and accounting.

Vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare.

In this regard, SRICA has established its Strategic Research Department. This department is responsible for conducting strategic studies in different fields of economics, finance, and accounting. Other responsibilities of the Department include standardization and provision of innovative solutions.

By conducting necessary assessments and feasibility studies we gain a better understanding of constraints, opportunities or threats found in a competitive monetary and in financial markets. SRICA helps its members with a very clear working policy and it contributes to their increased productivity and efficient use of the organization’s resources.

The Institute’s Strategic Research Department is constantly in touch with the world’s most reputable universities and scientific centers. They also assign protocols aimed at promoting the academic competence of its members and employs the most reliable global methods or standards to meet the research needs of its internal and external members.