Strategic Research Institute of Chartered Accountants of America (SRICA) was established to prepare a multifaceted puzzle aimed at investigating the problems of the world of finance, accounting, and pathologically analyzing finance/accounting methods. Then compile them into one integrated and standardized single method sharing a common language applicable all across the five continents of the world. The head office of SRICA is located in Virginia, United States.

SRICA membership advantages include:

– Meeting the professional and technical needs of researchers and senior experts in all financial fields.

– Continuous efforts to raise the level of knowledge of SRICA members.

– Holding short-term training courses for the SRICA members in the United States.

– Holding annual research seminars for SRICA members in the United States.

– Holding recreational and scientific tours for SRICA members within the framework of research workshops in the US, UK, and Canada.

– Discounts on purchasing SRICA hardware and software products for members.

– Selection elite and talented people, awarding scholarships and providing qualified SRICA members with opportunities to pursue their graduate studies in the United States.

– Holding annual solemn appreciation ceremonies in the United States aimed for selecting the most talented SRICA members in different branches of management, economics, planning, and finance as experts of the year.

– Providing new job opportunities for all SRICA members across the globe.

– Facilitating and coordinating the establishment of international cooperation in different fields of economic activities for all SRICA members.

– Providing SRICA members with access to the latest news on financial markets, monetary markets, and real-time developments of the most prestigious stock exchange organizations throughout the world.

– Carrying out joint scientific research projects with institutions and universities at both international or regional levels, also including the involvement of SRICA members in the implementation of these projects.

– Holding specialized research and consultation working groups for SRICA members in the Member States.