Working groups

– Working group on conformity assessment and ranking of natural and legal members.

– Working group on pathology analysis of accounting methods adopted in the Member States.

– Working group on investigation and adaptation of tax laws of the Member States.

– Working group on employments and Investments.

– Working group on contracts.

– Working group on developments and applied scientific researches in the field of finance and accounting.

– Working group on the review of papers.

– Working group on seminars and conferences.

– Working group on publications.

Increasing employees’ job satisfaction through:

– Involving SRICA employees and personnel in organizational decision-making.

– Preparing a proper groundwork for the improvement of organizational factors and the personnel’s workplace environment.

– Favorable planning and management of organizational resources.

– Quantitative and qualitative growth of SRICA members.

SRICA chief executives are committed to observe the abovementioned policy, fulfill the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, and continuously improve the effectiveness of educational/research systems described above. Thus, the policy is made available to all SRICA staff and members. The institute is expected to incorporate these principles by focusing on teamwork and participation of all staff and members.